focusbc | Create, collaborate and share advanced custom maps with Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta)
Focus BC is a consulting company that is positioned at the level of business decision of their clients, offering services and innovative solutions in the context of Performance Management, in a clear commitment to value creation. Formed by an executive team with extensive management experience and market presence, strong consulting skills and business solutions implementation in the areas of Performance Management and Location Intelligence, Focus BC has partnered with Google for the EMEA in Google Maps Enterprise plataforms. We use as a signature the motto Delivering the Future!, because we believe that we propose innovative business solutions that anticipate and respond to the challenges and trends in the sectors we operate, adding value to the business of our customers and contributing decisively to its future sustainability.
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Create, collaborate and share advanced custom maps with Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta)

02 Apr 2013 | News

maps_enginegoogle__liteMaps are useful for creating, visualizing and share information about places and phenomenas around the world and to better know and understand the territory. For enterprises, Google Maps Engine has been providing businesses with professional tools to help them organize large datasets, make decisions, and give their customers important details about their locations and services.

Of course, experts aren’t the only ones who love to make and share they maps. Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta) are a new complete solution idealized to allow any mapping enthusiast to create and share robust custom maps using this powerful and easy-to-use tool. You can import small spreadsheets of locations onto a comprehensive map, visualize those places through a variety of styling and drawing options, and organize and compare different kinds of information layers.

Google Maps Engine Lite is a free product that allows you:

  • create, style and label your one maps;
  • store them in Google plataform;
  • share it privately or publicly;
  • share tools such as: navigation, search, editing, etc.

You don’t need any developer skill, you only need a Google account and a Google Maps Engine Lite account (both for free) and, of course, imagination

Check this complete tutorial.

More info here.