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Focus BC is a consulting company that is positioned at the level of business decision of their clients, offering services and innovative solutions in the context of Performance Management, in a clear commitment to value creation. Formed by an executive team with extensive management experience and market presence, strong consulting skills and business solutions implementation in the areas of Performance Management and Location Intelligence, Focus BC has partnered with Google for the EMEA in Google Maps Enterprise plataforms. We use as a signature the motto Delivering the Future!, because we believe that we propose innovative business solutions that anticipate and respond to the challenges and trends in the sectors we operate, adding value to the business of our customers and contributing decisively to its future sustainability.
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Management Consulting

Finding ways to ensure business survival, growth and sustainability in increasingly competitive environments is the main challenge that managers have in hands. We provide consulting services to help companies cope with today’s management challenges.


The possibilities of gaining competitive advantages by introducing innovations in the value chain are increasingly smaller. The competitive advantages are, these days, obtained by adaptation of companies to new management models, enabling to anticipate change scenarios, reduce business risk, increase the value delivered to customers and achieve superior performances.

This adjustment must be sustained on knowledge we have of the organization, on the ability to define winning strategies and manage business risks, on optimizing processes and allocating of scarce resources at scenarios of reducing costs, being able to maintain high operational efficiency, have high service levels and achieve performances that make the business sustainable.

Performance Gap

Business Models poorly designed
Static Plans
Information islands



To help managers meet the challenges of the current management, the Focus BC provides Management Consulting services which aim:

  ●  Anticipating scenarios and define organizational change

  ●  Contribute to the strategic alignment across the organization and monitoring of performance in their various strands

  ●  Define management control instruments suitable to support decisions and manage the business risks

  ●  Optimize costs trying to identify where it adds value for the customer and for the business

  ●  Achieve high levels of operational efficiency and optimization of core processes


Corporate performance should be driven by an operational framework able to reflect the strategy and make the measurement of its implementation across the organization, from the point of view of strategic objectives and also from the point of view of different business processes.

  ●  Business Plans and Strategic Diagnosis

  ●  Balanced Scorecard



The correct formalization of processes, the level of cost optimization and how operational activities are performed (more or less effectively), reflect the level of performance of organizations. Guide managers to value creation is now an imperative for business sustainability.

  ●  Process Management

  ●  Cost Optimization and Value Creation



The cross-sectional analysis of all risks affecting corporate performance is a key to a business sustainability practice. Organizations should detain instruments which enable a comprehensive view of the entire enterprise performance and a holistic approach to business management.

  ●  Control Management Models

  ●  Performance and Risk Indicators