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Focus BC is a consulting company that is positioned at the level of business decision of their clients, offering services and innovative solutions in the context of Performance Management, in a clear commitment to value creation. Formed by an executive team with extensive management experience and market presence, strong consulting skills and business solutions implementation in the areas of Performance Management and Location Intelligence, Focus BC has partnered with Google for the EMEA in Google Maps Enterprise plataforms. We use as a signature the motto Delivering the Future!, because we believe that we propose innovative business solutions that anticipate and respond to the challenges and trends in the sectors we operate, adding value to the business of our customers and contributing decisively to its future sustainability.
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Transport Management


In a global and highly competitive market, characterized by a strong pressure on the price, high transport costs and increasing operational complexity, logistics and transport operators who are not competitive tend to lose ground.

In logistics chain the transport component uses large number of assets that are geographically dispersed, which makes its very complex management. Moreover, transport costs represent a significant share of total logistics costs, and the sustainability and profitability of the logistics and transport operations is directly related to the value delivered to customers, this value being a relationship between the perceived benefits and total cost incurred to obtain such product / service.

In this perspective of delivering value to the customer at the best price, if possible increasing their level of satisfaction, the agents should adjust their activity to the characteristics and context of the market. Must be able to integrate the business vision with the market, to manage everything that is happening on the ground in an integrated way and, at the same time, ensuring maximum productivity levels and operational efficiency, with minimal operations costs.

Focus BC proposes to market consulting services and Transport Management solutions, to help companies perform transport management in an integrated manner and to control entire operation, from planning to execution.


  ●  Quality and Productivity Analysis of the Distribution Process

  ●  Control of Operations and Integrated Transport Management

  ●  Analysis and Cost Optimization

  ●  Reengineering / Management Logistics Process

  ●  Geo referencing of Logistics and Customer Bases

  ●  Operational Resources Management and Planning Optimized Operations

  ●  Optimizing Fleet

  ●  Optimizing Routes

  ●  Replanning of Operations and Service Scheduling in Real Time

  ●  Control of Operations in Real Time

  ●  Scenario Analysis Optimization

  ●  Comparison Actual vs Planned

  ●  Automation and Dematerialization Service Orders

  ●  Analysis of Service Levels and SLA Compliance Reporting

  ●  Allocation of Costs to Products / Services



  ✔  Increased capacity for integrated management of operations – planning, execution and control of field operations, traceability of fleet and products, monitoring service levels

  ✔  Higher productivity levels – higher number of operations

  ✔  Increased customer satisfaction – greater product availability and shortest delivery time and service

  ✔  Increased operational efficiency – larger operations planning and resource optimization capability, greater capacity for asset management

  ✔  Reduced costs – more efficient use of resources, monitoring of operating expenses, less Km’s traveled

  ✔  Increased ability to make decisions, sustained performance indicators