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We want to empower people to make more informed decisions based on geospatial data.
Do you want to help us make it happen?

We're currently hiring...

We are a growing diverse team with the mission to drive business transformation by delivering real-time location intelligence solutions. Our team is made of junior and senior developers specialized in various types of programming languages, we also have GIS specialists, project managers, business consultants, tech leads and product owners.

​Focus BC’s colorful office is located in sunny Lisbon. We have a large outside space where people often drink coffee and meet to chat and also a common room where people can have lunch, do tech sharing sessions, demos and relax.

We are a family (the good kind!), with a very strong spirit of teamwork and positivity.

​Come visit us, we have a lot of coffee and tea.

Our work space

Flexible schedule and workplace

A cliché but it’s true, as long as the work gets done and you show up for the team when you have to, it’s all good for us. We encourage people to work in the way they feel more productive and happy, whether that’s early in the morning or later in the afternoon and in the office or at home.


Free Friday afternoons

We love people who are passionate about what they love. Life isn’t just about work. By allowing a free Friday afternoon the increase of happiness of people is, at the end of the day, way more productive in the long run, than the increase of output one would have while working during that time. Here at Focus BC, some of us enjoy these afternoons developing a hobby, working out, learning, or just relaxing.


Young company

Although our leadership team is quite senior, most of us at Focus BC are young. For us, there is no such thing as not reaching out to someone on Slack because they’re more senior than us, or because we should talk to our manager first.

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