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B-Smart Famalicão Case Study - Smart City Management Solution

"City as a Platform is integrated in B-Smart Famalicão, our smart city concept. The integration of all levels of municipal activity in one single place is essential to the adoption of the platform and to potentiate B-Smart Famalicão. Responding more and better is the main objective of B-Smart Famalicão.” quote by Vítor Moreira, General Manager of Vila Nova de Famalicão Municipality.

Working in partnership with the Vila Nova de Famalicão City Council and always with a consultative approach, Focus BC acted both as an integrator and software provider, making available its City as a Platform product powered by Google Maps and Google Cloud.

About the client Vila Nova de Famalicão is a Portuguese municipality with approximately 133,000 inhabitants in an area of 201,59 km2. Famalicão is today mentioned as one of the main cultural, commercial, and industrial centres of the country. The strength of its diverse industry and socio-economic dynamics are prominent features at the national and international levels. Vila Nova de Famalicão hosts the headquarters of some of the largest and best companies in the country in various industry sectors. The municipality has been investing in modernising its services, intending to become even more attractive to citizens and companies. The challenge Based on a smart city strategy, Famalicão has created the municipal program "B-Smart Famalicão". This program aims to help create a greener, more inclusive, and innovative city, with and for everyone. Surpassing the challenge is only achievable with a digital solution capable of crossing multiple dimensions of analysis and integrating a multitude of information from most disparate sources. The solution The solution, integrated into the B-Smart ecosystem and based on the City as a Platform product, works as an integrating hub of data that flows continuously from multiple sources and in numerous ways. As a result, it enables more informed decision-making and strengthens the relationship with citizens through more transparency and greater participation.

The results

  • Ease of use by anyone;

  • Transparent access to relevant information: civil protection, municipal facilities, mobility, water, and wastewater networks, environment;

  • Availability of information from various sources in near-real time: fire risk, meteorology, and civil protection incidents;

  • Facilitated communication of any incident or issue in the geographical area of the municipality.

City as a Platform gives cities full control and visualization over their territorial planning and services management across their public services and departments. We would love to talk to you about it. Let's book a meeting?


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