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Choice Car Case Study - Routing Optimization Solution

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Focus BC implemented the Workwave Route Manager, a solution for mobile workforce companies in the field service, last-mile delivery, logistics industries and people mobility.


Choice Car, SA is a company of the Salvador Caetano Group, which operates in the mobility of people, in the business areas: Tourism, Corporate and Events, Digital Platforms, children and seniors with the Bedriven and Rodinhas brands.

Rodinhas specializes in managing the transport of children from various destinations, and Bedriven specializes in private and corporate transportation.

Focus BC implemented the Workwave Route Manager solution to Choice-car. Workwave is a decision support solution that helps you achieve your business goals.


Choice Car is focusing on sustainable growth. For the company, in order to achieve business goals, it is important to have an overview and better management of people mobility.


  • Greater capacity to manage the logistical process of people mobility;

  • Real-time management;

  • Contrast measurement between planned and executed;

  • Estimated times of arrivals more accurate;

  • Minimizing costs of operation;

  • Increased efficiency


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