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Delta Case Study - Salesforce Otimization in Traditional Retail

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Focus BC has conducted a business consulting study for Delta Cafés for business operations planning and optimization.


Delta Cafés has been a leader in the national coffee market since 1994. It is present in 40 countries with a team of + than 3.000 employees and has + than 340.000 million in annual sales and + than 22.600 tons of coffee sale per year.


The needs of Delta Cafés were related to the planning and optimization of its commercial operations in order to increase the effectiveness of the business.

Being able to spend more time with the customer, being able to make the most visits with the least possible resource utilization, and minimizing the overall costs of operations considering the multiple business constraints were the challenges that were posed by the company.


• Greater capacity to manage and evaluate new business strategies;

• Increasing the potential of business development through:

• Definition of well-calibrated commercial territories;

• Homogenous balance of trade by visiting points;

• Reduction of distances traveled;

• More visits per day (+28%)

• Increased commercial activity time (+20%)

• Increased profitability of the business process due to the reduction of overall costs of commercial operations (+30%)


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