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Famalicão hosts Cidades Inteligentes by Google Cloud

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Cidades Inteligentes by Google Cloud (“Smart Cities” by Google Cloud) roadshow is almost coming to an end. The 3rd event was in Famalicão, a pioneer in smart cities and one of our clients.

Famalicão’s event was on Wednesday, April 27. As usual, our Managing Partner, Vasco Pinheiro, spoke about City as a Platform, our integrated and collaborative platform to feel, communicate and manage cities in their multiple dynamics and perspectives.

The municipality of Famalicão, host of this Cidades Inteligentes event, uses City as a Platform. We invite you to explore different areas of Famalicão’s urban planning and management such as water, parks, road accidents, sports and cycling roads here 👉

B-Smart Famalicão, a smart city project built on City as a Platform

The final Cidades Inteligentes event will be on May 25th, 2022. We’re looking forward to speaking to everyone in Cascais, the closest city to our office in Lisbon ☀️

Focus BC is a Google Premier Partner since 2013, it is the highest status of a Google partnership.


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