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Focus BC Announces Partnership with JUNITEC, the Junior Enterprise of Técnico

Updated: May 28

Photo taken to celebrate the partnership between Junitec and Focus BC.
From left to right: Francisca Vitória and Gonçalo Reis (JUNITEC), and Vasco Pinheiro (Focus BC).

Focus BC is thrilled to announce its new partnership with JUNITEC, the junior enterprise of Instituto Superior Técnico. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between students and the realities of the job market by facilitating the learning of crucial current job skills and the application of university-acquired knowledge, while also fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Founded in 1990, JUNITEC now has over 70 active members and was awarded Portuguese Junior Enterprise of the Year 2023. JUNITEC has been a vital link between the student community at Técnico and the Portuguese business sector, earning numerous national and international awards for its innovative projects.

Through this partnership, Focus BC is committed to supporting Junitec students with workshops, mentoring sessions, job opportunities, and free access to Mapify, our real-time data no-code platform.

President of Junitec and Managing Partner of Focus BC signing the partnership protocol.
The Managing Partner of Focus BC and the President of Junitec signing the protocol.

This collaboration marks another significant step in our efforts to contribute to the development of professionals skilled in location intelligence in Portugal and to strengthen the bridge between academia and industry.

👉 Meet JUNITEC at


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