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Focus BC is part of the FIFA World Cup 2030 bid

Sandro Batista and Vasco Pinheiro, Focus BC Managing Partners, present at the Yalla Vamos 2030 press conference.
Sandro Batista and Vasco Pinheiro, Focus BC Managing Partners, at the Yalla Vamos 2030 press conference.

On March 19, it was announced that Portugal, Spain, and Morocco are working on a joint bid for the FIFA World Cup 2030 🏆 During the press conference at Cidade do Futebol in Oeiras, the home of FPF - Federação Portuguesa de Futebol, key members of the Bid Committee shared their vision for the World Cup. Focus BC is proud to be part of this ambitious project through Virtual Venue!

Virtual Venue is a collaborative platform that supports organizers in planning and delivering events more efficiently by bringing teams together in a virtual space. We provide benefits for project teams from bidding to match day, enabling the whole vision the whole time.

One of the main objectives of this bid is to set new environmental standards, something we always strive to achieve ourselves. Virtual Venue can decrease costs and carbon footprint through the use of digital twin technology and virtual tours, allowing project teams to plan events remotely.

It fosters inclusivity by ensuring equal access to information for all team members, regardless of their location, and enhances governance by promoting corporate transparency and compliance through detailed records and accountability. Thus, Virtual Venue has environmental, social, and governance impacts on the organizations that integrate it into their processes.

For more information about Yalla Vamos 2023 and the FIFA World Cup 2030 bid, visit 🔎

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