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Focus BC partners with Data CoLAB to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations

We're thrilled to announce Focus BC’s partnership with Data CoLAB, a private non-profit association dedicated to bridging the gap between knowledge, emerging technologies, and market needs, through the development of data-driven services. Together, we're poised to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations across Portugal!

Founded in 2023, Data CoLAB operates from offices in Viana do Castelo, Coimbra, and Lisbon. The organization's vision is to cultivate a cross-sectoral ecosystem with diverse stakeholders leveraging data to enhance production, consumption, and overall quality of life. Through collaboration across the entire data value chain, Data CoLAB provides services to citizens, companies, and the public sector, actively contributing to digital transformation efforts nationwide.

By joining forces with Data CoLAB , we're unlocking new opportunities to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our City as a Platform clients. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to transform the way organizations harness the power of data.

Curious about how City as a Platform and Data CoLAB can help address your organization's challenges? Reach out to our Head of Smart Cities, João Barata (, to start the conversation.

🔎 Explore more about City as a Platform at and Data CoLAB at


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