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Focus BC speaks about Smart Destinations at Algarve Tech Hub Summit

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

For the second time this month, we went back to Algarve for DISRUPT’22, an event part of the Algarve Tech Hub Summit. The theme was Smart Destinations, a term used by the European Commission to refer to cities of the EU that facilitate access to tourism and hospitality products and services through technological innovation.

Our Managing Partner, Sandro Batista, and his Mapify t-shirt

On March 31st, Sandro Batista spoke about the main challenges of Smart Destinations and how products like Mapify IoT can help manage, process and extract insights from IoT sensors throughout the city. With these insights, cities can learn how to bring more tourists and improve current tourism offers. Sandro was also joined by other speakers during the day, Professor Dimitrios Buhalis from Bournemouth University and David Santos Gonzalez from Vodafone.

You can watch the DISRUPT’22 VOD of that day on Facebook Live. Our presentation starts at 1:54:50.

If you manage a tourism and hospitality business or a public service, you might be interested in knowing more about our product City as a Platform, an integrated and collaborative platform to feel, communicate and manage cities in their dynamics and perspectives. City as a Platform uses Mapify and Google technology.


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