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Focus BC visits Coimbra for Cidades Inteligentes by Google Cloud

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

After Faro, the next stop on Cidades Inteligentes by Google Cloud (“Smart Cities” by Google Cloud) was Coimbra, a city in central Portugal known for its University, the oldest in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe.

Coimbra’s event happened on April 6. After the intervention of Luís João, Head of Public Sector Portugal @ Google Cloud, our Managing Partner, Vasco Pinheiro, presented City as a Platform, our integrated and collaborative platform to feel, communicate and manage cities in their multiple dynamics and perspectives.

Speakers at Cidades Inteligentes by Google Cloud

City as a Platform gives cities full control and visualization over their territorial planning and services management across their public services and departments. It provides the possibility to extend the reach and involve its own citizens with more transparency.

To know more about City as a Platform, we advise that you explore our case studies regarding the Municipal Councils of Lisboa, Lagos and Estrela. Infralobo and GIRA are also relevant projects in the business area.

There are more Cidades Inteligentes events coming! We will be there looking forward to meeting you.

📍Famalicão: Apr 27, 2022

📍Cascais: May 25, 2022

Focus BC is a Google Premier Partner since 2013, it is the highest status of a Google partnership.


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