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CIO Awards 2015

GeoEstrela Platform wins innovation award at IDC CIO Awards 2015

The GeoEstrela platform, developed by Focus BC in partnership with the Estrela Council, was one of the winning projects of the IDC CIO Awards 2015. This was the first time that a Council was recognized by the initiative, which intends to highlight solutions in the area of information and communication technologies.

From around 300 projects, the IDC CIO Awards 2015 promoted those linked to innovation, process optimization and increased productivity and decision processes. GeoEstrela, supported by Google Maps API, was one of the ten chosen by the jury of the area of Information Management and Information Engineering.

Luís Newton, president of Estrela Council, said that the most significant improvements were at the level of decision support information, since "the aggregate of incidents highlights patterns of behavior or more serious situations". With the knowledge of what is happening in the territory and the reports of citizens, it is possible to make more informed and conscious decisions.

See the case study here


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