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Kick-Off 2024 in Beja

Updated: Apr 30

Last week, the Focus BC team was in Beja for the much-anticipated 2024 Kick-Off! It was three intense days filled with memorable moments that we don't just want to keep in our memories 📸 we want to share with you!

In a way, we celebrated not only the beginning of the year and new challenges, but also the recent expansion of our team, which now consists of 24 members 👏

During this journey, we enjoyed the hospitality of the Hotel Vila Galé Alentejo Vineyards, immersing ourselves in the true experience of the tranquil Alentejo lifestyle 🌳☀️

Our Kick-Off started with an extensive team dialogue, delving into our vision, strategy, and initiatives for 2024, all while reminiscing about the highlights of 2023 📊 It was a mix of serious discussions and fun moments, with plenty of laughter and smiles!

Additionally, we took some time to commemorate Focus BC's 12th anniversary  🎂

We participated in a captivating wine-tasting experience at Herdade da Malhadinha. Not only did we explore the winemaking process and sample their exquisite white and red wines 🍷 but we also savored a meal at their restaurant and embarked on a jeep ride through the picturesque hectares of the farm 🌿

To wrap up, we were in an exhilarating game of paintball 🎨 For many of our members, it was a first-time experience! With some sports enthusiasts among us, the competition heated up rapidly.

There were a few falls here and there, and paint shots were not spared, with some even landing on heads 💥 We could tell who had been exercising or playing lots of first-person shooter games.

2023 was our best year yet.

It's now time to gear up for 2024 and make it another iconic year for the company, our products, our clients, and everyone working at Focus BC!


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