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Focus BC present at Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2019

The second edition of “Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2019” was held on May 21, 22 and 23rd. This is the largest national event dedicated to smart cities, and was organized by FIL, a branch of the AIP foundation, with NOS as its main sponsor.

This event promoted many business opportunities, but also information sharing in education and research and development, across diverse markets and sectors.

Focus BC was present as an important NOS partner in the Smart Cities landscape, with its Urban Intelligence and Mobility platform. Known as “City as a Platform” (, this cloud-based platform allows an easy and realiable way to monitor a city’s territory while allowing for much more efficient and effective action plans.

“City as a Platform” gives cities full control and visualization over of their territorial planning and services management across its public services and departments, while providing the possibility to extend the reach and involve its own citizens and population promoting higher levels of transparency.

Two of the many solutions based on this platform were presented at the event: Operational Services Management and Urban Management.

Operations Services Management allows city officials and citizens to report incidents that they may detect inside the city limits, using an easy and geo-referenced way to identify and describe incidents, while allowing photos to be included.

The Urban Management solution allows cities to provide its citizens wth an online service in which they can interactively define a specific area or lot from the city, and obtain a full report with all the different land development possibilities and limitations, as well as any other legislation or environment defined rules and regulations.

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