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We Help Ukraine, a platform to gather worldwide help for Ukraine refugees

The events happening in Ukraine are extremely shocking and we feel deeply in our hearts for their population. We are incredibly honoured to be collaborating with WeHelpUkraine, a platform created by a group of individuals in Portugal with the goal of helping Ukraine refugees find support worldwide.

WeHelpUkraine works in multiple areas such as housing, transportation, documentation, medical aid and psychological support. People looking for further support can reach out by phone, email, IM, video chat and many more, in English, Portuguese, Ukrainian, plus 10 different languages.

Here at Focus BC, we found our place in this project very quickly due to the location-based intelligence needed to best help the people involved. On one hand, we offered human resources and Focus BC team’s time to develop the We Help Ukraine platform. On the other hand, we also offered Mapify technology which provides the infrastructure to align these requests and come up with a match. A simple example would be a refugee who arrives at Lisbon’s airport and is immediately able to see the amount of help offers available, what type, and how close they are to the current location.

Mapify screenshot of refugee help worldwide

There are other ways to help Ukraine. If you know similar initiatives please provides us more information in order to help even more people here.


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